System Design

The system consists of 18 sites along or near Sun Valley Parkway and Bell Road. These sites are primarily within master-planned communities in Sun Valley. The sites are approximately 1 1/2 to 2 miles apart and the locations are near or adjacent to the existing power line corridors.

Buckeye Towers began its planning before there was any significant development in the Sun Valley Area. Our strategy is to be in a position to provide wireless communication facilities when they are needed, and to be able to develop the sites and construct the improvements before the adjacent areas are developed with homes and businesses.

Developing, Building and Operating
Wireless Communication
Sites and Towers

Buckeye Towers, LLC is an Arizona limited liability company that develops, builds, and operates wireless communication sites and towers. We acquire sites, manage the zoning and permitting process, develop the sites and construct the towers. Our sites consist of equipment compound and towers on land that we own or control under long-term leases.

We lease antenna space on our towers to wireless communications companies.To date, we have 2 sites with a total of 6 leases to wireless communication companies and we have 5 additional signed ground leases for a total of 7 sites.